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Yuzu + Hinoki Woods

A blend of heady florals, highlighted with yuzu and pear and finished off with sacred woods.

Inspired by Yuzu Blossom + Hinoki

Sale price$10.02 CAD
Yuzu + Hinoki Woods
Yuzu + Hinoki Woods Sale price$10.02 CAD

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Christine F.

Much blossom and flowers, a little ylang ylang, pear and mandarine. Exactly like the description! I like, but not my favorite, I expected more wood, since there is hinoki in the title.

Alyra H.

I've used this scent as a body mist and it's so refreshing! A great spring and summer scent.

Lorena J.

It’s a different scent that is very sophisticated. It’s hard to explain what it smells like it but it’s really good!

Sophie Z.

love this citrus scent thats balanced with the woodiness of Hinoki.

Ariane L.

Yuzu Blossom + Hinoki is a fantastic dupe of the original scent, and the fact that it's available in Canada from a local business is a delightful bonus! This fragrance captures the essence of yuzu blossom and hinoki wood in a way that's both authentic and inspiring. The bright and zesty notes of yuzu blossom blend seamlessly with the calming and grounding aroma of hinoki wood, creating a harmonious and uplifting experience. It's a scent that can transport you to serene Japanese gardens, even when you're in the heart of Canada.