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Wild Fig + Cassis

Refreshing, sweet, cut grass notes, the bitter-sweet notes of cassis, milky, sweet figs and sweet-tart cherry intersperse with fresh, green, floral hyacinth, balsamic pine tree notes, fragrant cyclamen and sweet jasmine. Resinous cedarwood, warm musk, clear amber and fresh minty patchouli blend harmoniously to unite and enhance this fresh, floral, aromatic fragrance.

Inspired by Jo Malone

Sale price$8.65 CAD
Wild Fig + Cassis
Wild Fig + Cassis Sale price$8.65 CAD

Customer Reviews

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Kathryn M.

This fragrance oil is like a wild, nature-inspired adventure. Imagine walking through a meadow of Grass and plucking ripe Figs, Cassis, and Cherries straight from the trees – it's like an edible garden. Then, the heart notes of Hyacinth, Pine, Cyclamen, and Jasmine hit you with a floral breeze, as if you stumbled into a hidden flower field. As you move deeper into the woods, Cedar, Musk, Amber, and Patchouli wrap around you like a cozy, woody embrace. It's a fragrant journey through nature's bounty, from field to forest, all in one bottle.

I am excited to try it in lotion and hair products!!

Jennifer A.

Green and floral with a strong note of fig. This isn't my cup of tea as I tend not to gravitate towards green notes. However, this would be a beautiful fragrance for body products. It's very fresh smelling.

Lorena J.

It’s alright! Very fresh and airy . I only smell the fig but will try it in wax and see .

Rachael S.

We adore this scent! It initially wasn't a favourite right out of the bag but once mixed with our soy wax, it is now a new favourite! We love the earthy blend and how the top, middle, and base notes change as it burns through.

Stephanie P.

I still have this curing in coconut apricot wax but this scent is really intriguing. You definitely get the fig and tartness of the cherry. I seriously couldn't stop smelling to "figure it out." Can't wait to see how it develops over the cure time.