Sunshine + Linen

$8.00 USD

A delicate floral fragrance that recreates the enveloping and delicate sensation of freshly washed linen on your skin thanks to the clean and pure lily of the valley and comforting white musk. Together, iris and ambrette seeds evoke the sensation of morning rays of sun gently warming your skin.

Inspired by Maison Margiela - Lazy Sunday Morning

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T - Pear, Ambrette Seeds, Clean

M - Iris, Rose Petals, Orange Blossoms

B - Patchouli, White Woods, White + Creamy Musk

Patchouli Oil Md

Body Wash 6.38%

Candles 100%

Shampoo 6.38%

Soap 6.38%

Flash Point >200

Vanillin <0.1%

Paraben Free

Phthalate Free

Cruelty Free


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