Persimmon + Peach

$7.00 USD

A sweet liaison of pulpy, fresh Persimmon engages in a delicious flirtation with nectarine, peach, red currant and cassis. Billowing bouquets of white jasmine round this ultimate mouth-watering fragrance. This fruity, fragrant fling has the makings of a passionate, long-lasting love story. 

Inspired by Voluspa - Saijo Persimmon

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T - Apple, Orange, Persimmon

M - Jasmine, Rose

B - Musk, Peach, Moss

Orange Oil Florida

Lemon Oil California

Body Wash 12.50%

Candles 100%

Shampoo 12.50%

Soap 12.50%

Vanillin No

Paraben Free

Phthalate Free

Cruelty Free


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