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Heart of Dubai

Exotic, urban, refined, yet natural. An endearing fragrance that brings together fresh rose with warm tobacco. A unique rose blend.

Sale price$10.02 CAD
Heart of Dubai
Heart of Dubai Sale price$10.02 CAD

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Anna N.

A absolutely beautiful scent. Reminds me of a rose shampoo I used to have from herbal essence.

Lorena J.

It’s my favourite from my last order! It’s feminine and sophisticated with a bit of fig and cassis? But in more of a fancy style

Stephanie P.

This is exceptional and there is no artificial rose at all. I was very pleasantly surprised with all the different notes that are perfectly combined. So rich and luxurious.

Tamara W.

This is such a beautiful rose scent. Rose scents can be too much and cloying often times. This is not a problem at all. This is one of the best rose scents I’ve smelled. In fact, so far it’s my favorite. The notes all come together in perfect harmony and the rose is the star. This is beautiful 🌹

Kassandra S.

This FO lends itself so well to both candles and soaps. Its scent is warm and inviting. I’m excited to debut it in my fall line up and think it will do extremely well with both men and women. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a unique FO