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A Midsummers Nectar Sampler Pack

Lush meadows intertwine with sun-drenched fruit orchards, their nectar infused with the golden warmth of the season.

Grilled Peaches + Brown Sugar
Pomelo Sunrise
The Sun in Saint-Tropez
Lychee + Dahlia Blooms
Honeysuckle + Rose Water

Sale price$40.26 CAD
Indulge in a midsummer night's mischief! Dive into grilled peaches & brown sugar, chase the pomelo sunrise, bask in Saint-Tropez sun, whisper secrets with lychee & dahlia, and swirl in honeysuckle & rose water. Discover your perfect fragrance adventure in "A Midsummer Nectar".
A Midsummers Nectar Sampler Pack Sale price$40.26 CAD