NatureWax C-3 Soy Wax

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C-3 soy wax is an all-natural soy wax blend that is well known for excellent jar adhesion (minimal wet spots), minimal frosting, and excellent scent throw. C-3 produces a great aesthetic and is very easy to work with.

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Advantages of using C-3 soy wax:

  • Typically requires only a single pour
  • Formulated to minimize frosting when used correctly
  • Strong hot and cold scent throw
  • Smooth and creamy appearance
  • Excellent jar adhesion
  • Comes in flake form
  • No additives required

Basic Guidelines

  • Melt point: 125 – 130°F
  • Heat wax to temperature 130 – 190° (heating wax above 200° may cause wax discolouration) 
  • Add dye as needed and mix thoroughly
  • Add candle fragrance oil as needed and mix thoroughly
  • Fragrance oil should be added just before pouring to prevent fragrance oil from evaporating
  • Pouring temperatures should typically be around 120° to 165°, though experimentation is recommended to determine optimal pouring temperature
  • When pouring melted wax into containers, the containers should be at room temperature or slightly warmer
  • Allow candles to cool as slow as possible to achieve good jar adhesion and create a smooth finish

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