Cocoa Butter – Ultra Refined + Deodorized

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This butter is obtained from the fruit of the Cocoa tree. From its beans, the butter is extracted and further refined + deodorized. It lays a protective layer on top of skin which holds in moisture while softening and lubricating the skin.

1 lb
$16.30 CAD
2 lbs
$27.86 CAD
6 lbs
$78.36 CAD


Cocoa Butter melts at skin temperature so can be used on its own as a moisturizer though it is particularly popular as an ingredient in making skin care products such as whipped body butters, balms, creams, lotion bars and more. It is a vegan butter.

It might be necessary to gently warm butter until the texture is soft enough to be incorporated into your final product.

Recommended Usage:

 Lotions & Creams: 2 – 20 %
 Balms: 5 – 100 %
 Bar Soaps: 5 – 20 %
 Hair Conditioners: 1 – 10 %

Cocoa Organic Butter is sold in chunks as shown in the picture.