Alabaster Candle Kit

$64.53 CAD

This DIY candle kit is complete with one handmade concrete vessel, your choice of fragrance oils, and the materials and instructions to make your own candle.

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Each DIY candle kit includes: 

  • Concrete Vessel

  • Primed Cotton Wicks

  • Wick Sticker

  • Bag of Pre-measured Soy Wax

  • Your Choice of Fragrance Oil

  • Safety Label


 What you need:

  • Heat Proof Pouring Measuring Cup

  • Thermometer * (not crucial but handy) – you can purchase one here

  • Medium Pot + Metal Mixing Bowl that sits in the pot


Concrete is wild like you. Each piece is hand poured, no two are the same.

55+ hours of burn time.